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Estal Rude Lance bottle for El Veguero rum

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The SeriesNemo team developed their concept as a homage to the vegueros, the beloved tobacco growers of Cuba. It is a tribute to their tradition, as well as to the role they play in Cuban society.

Accustomed to the dedication required to care for tobacco, EL VEGUERO uses recycled bottles, corks and jute twine for his rum and embellishes it with whatever paraphernalia he can lay his hands on —cigar vitolas, wrappers and box labels complete the picture.

SeriesNemo chose the Estal Rude Lance glass bottle as the base. For the label, there was a desire to reflect the complexity and miniscule details of the cigar vitolas. Fasson Paper Watermark was used because of its versatility in terms of embossing and debossing, and KURZ LUXOR MTS was incorporated for micro-embossing.

The result is a unique product that reflects EL VEGUERO’s personality and generosity.

Discover more about SeriesNemo design at makeamark.world.

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Rude Lance glass bottle features

  • Capacity: 700ml
  • Weight: 600g
  • Total height: 245.8mm
  • Neck: Choker long

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