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Ruska Martín chooses Estal’s new PRIMA bottle collection

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Ruska Martín chose Estal’s new PRIMA bottle collection for its thin glass, impressive sustainability and subtle asymmetric profile, which come together splendidly to minimize weight without compromising on strength, stability and a premium feel. The unique shape made of Estal’s 100% PCR Wild Glass gives the bottle a handcrafted look.

The team created a “die-cut puzzle technique” especially for the project, opening the door to more impactful label shapes using less material. Each sheet of sustainable Fasson Cotton Extra White paper is cut into 12 pieces to create front and back labels for the six bottles in each winemaker’s range. Debossed into the glass, the overall weight reduction (“-50g”) became a defining symbol.

Using a wide range of images inspired by nature and ancient indigenous art, Ruska Martin experimented with variety of embossing techniques and Kurz embellishments for the labels. The latest digital printing techniques yield floating visuals on each bottle.

This project was made possible by Estal, Avery Deninson and Leonhard Kurz, leaders in premium packaging innovation.

Discover the magnificent design of Ruska Martín for the makeamark.world.

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