Wild glass: 100% recycled PCR glass


The design, efficiency and sustainability of Estal's PCR glass bottles make them perfect for spirits, wines, beverages, gourmet and beauty products.

Consumers are asking for sustainability, design and coherence. WILD Wild Glass not only offers sustainability as a strong point but also a trend design.

Key features of PCR Wild Glass

  • The resulting color of Wild Glass, and its higher tolerances when compared to an ordinary color, provide an organic, authentic design that is very similar to that of artisan glass, but with all the characteristics of automatic glass.

  • Efficiency is one of the main pillars of ecological sustainability. As Wild Glass production does not discard bottles with aesthetic imperfections, there is no waste impact from discardment.

  • Wild Glass is 100% PCR glass material: Post Consumer Recycled Glass that is manufactured into a brand new product.

Our Wild Glass is available in Wild Flint Glass y Wild Dark Glass.

Learn more about Wild Glass: www.estal.com/en/wildglass or contact us directly and we'll answer your specific questions.

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