Sommelier: Much more than a glass ring


The SOMMELIER concept seduces with its simplicity, connecting the ring and the neck with a small hollow groove in the glass.

There is no longer any extra thickness formed by a counter ring or a rim, but an almost continuous line from the shoulder to the top of the ring.

Much more than a new glass ring, SOMMELIER is a complete concept that, while enhancing the overall silhouette and perceived quality of the bottle, offers real functional benefits.

"The SOMMELIER concept is the result of a design approach which aims to reinvent wine bottle aesthetics by using a new minimalist neck ring, while at the same time offering a real functional benefit for the consumer."

The SOMMELIER collection is also available in 100% recycled PCR glass.

Functional benefits

  • Standardization
    • Same capsule
    • Same production speed
    • Same bottle height
    • Same bottle weight
  • Easy and perfect cut line
  • Anti-drip assistance

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