Eco-fragrance bottles go premium with the Bubbles collection

Sophistication and sustainability join forces in Estal's Bubbles collection of glass fragrance bottles. The Spanish premium glass manufacturing company has surpassed expectations with Bubbles to offer a range of eco-fragrance bottles with a premium look.

The collection features 3 unique 100ml bottle shapes, each of which is offered in a choice of 3 different bottle mouths for the ultimate versatility.

Each bottle features a push-up in the base, a feature which not only can be used to make the bottles bigger and more premium-looking, but also provides a delightful differentiation from other glass fragrance bottles on the shelf.

Sustainability benefits

Regardless of the Bubbles collection's larger-looking volume, the bottles are 35% lighter in weight and therefore CO2 emissions are reduced too.

The offering of each bottle with a choice of 3 different bottle mouths not only provides greater closure opportunities, but the screw-mouth option facilitates the user being able to refill the bottle and use it over again repeatedly — ideal when using the bottle as a luxurious ornament to fragrance the home. The easy separation of the cap from the bottle also enables both pieces to be recycled at the end of their useful lifetime.

More details about the Bubbles collection can be found in our product catalog. Alternatively, contact us for further information!

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