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Discover beauty and functionality through the simplicity of design, dressed with a select image — perfect for both large and small wineries that seek distinction and know the importance of a good design for their wine bottles. This is what we focused on when creating Sommelier, a complete concept that combines innovative design and beauty with a wide range of functional benefits. Design is the bridge between beauty and functionality.

Sommelier manages to enhance the silhouette and thus the perceived quality of the bottle, offering a renewed aesthetic of wine bottles through its minimalist bottle mouth which helps to prevent dripping. Bridging what we consider the false dichotomy between beauty and functionality, Sommelier is both elegant and universally adaptable; its strength and presence are married perfectly with a responsible design. Its careful design provides a fluid and dynamic image.

Chosen by design experts

The beauty and functionality of Sommelier has captivated many of the industry's design experts and the Sommelier bottle has been chosen by some of the award winners at various industry events, to present their wines. This is the case of Famiglia Febo, which won an award for the label of its 2018 Parella white wine at the Vinitaly Design International Packaging Competition in 2020 and chose Sommelier as the design to enhance its image. That same year, Spazio di Paolo's design for Brandbreeder won the Bronze Pentawards in the wine category, and Coreti, which was awarded for its '91 label with a Silver Pentaward in 2021 both chose the Sommelier concept to present their products.

Creation dresses up with Sommelier

Several of the creators invited to be part of the Make a Mark initiative have also been captivated by the simplicity and elegance of the Sommelier concept to present their designs. Make a Mark is a platform to drive innovation and an opportunity to unleash creativity, promoting talent, imagination and the exploration of new creative possibilities without limitations in packaging design. Across this initiative, Sommelier was the protagonist of several of the most applauded proposals.

Wild Glass Sommelier

Sustainability is an element that is present in the Sommelier concept. It is now possible to choose Sommelier bottles made of Wild Glass, — 100% PCR recycled glass. Not only does Wild Glass achieve sustainability through its materials and production processes, but is characterized by its design and natural beauty, which embraces its imperfections.

Sommelier is just one of the highlights that visitors to LuxePack Monaco can see at Stand DB10. Join us and see all of our latest proposals in innovative design.

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