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    Our mission is to create innovative solutions from seaweed to solve the plastic waste issues, while increasing the livelihood of Indonesia's seaweed farmers.

    Evoware is a socially responsible enterprise that elevates an environmentally friendly lifestyle and provides innovative value to urban society. Through Evoware's products, people evolve to be closer to nature and live a more responsible and sustainable life.

    We are here to be the eco-solution for plastic waste problems. Our products are eco- friendly, biodegradable or even edible and healthy for the body. We use seaweed as our raw material.

    Our impact is not just on the environment but also on the livelihood of seaweed farmers. To achieve that, we always put in our heart the two core values: INNOVATION and COLLABORATION.


    Why We Do What We Do

    Environmental Issues

    • Indonesia is the world’s second biggest plastic waste contributor to the ocean
    • 90% of plastic waste go into the ocean; 70% of that waste comes from food and beverage packaging
    • There will be more plastic than fish in the sea by 2050
    • 25% of fish in Indonesian market are contaminated by plastic

    Seaweed Farmer Issues

    • A large volume of seaweed production is not used/oversupply
    • Most seaweed farmers are poor due to a long marketing chain and loan sharks
    • 5 of the 6 poorest provinces in Indonesia are actually producing seaweed

    Evo & Co. is a group of brands that focuses on providing solutions to end plastic pollution by creating campaigns and offering a range of sustainable alternatives to single-use plastic items.

    Founded in 2016 in Indonesia, Evo & Co. began with groundbreaking innovation from seaweed called Ello Jello edible cup, produced by our first brand, Evoware. After winning numerous awards and gaining demands, Evo & Co. determined to expand the business by offering a wider range of solutions, which marketed under our second brand Evoworld.