Faca Packaging launches bio-based solutions for cosmetics

Faca Packaging, a packaging manufacturer based in Barcelona, Spain, has introduced a new line of jars made entirely of plant-based materials.

Faca is responding to the market shift toward more sustainability in the cosmetics packaging industry, while maintaining a leadership position in the industry’s high-end and luxury sectors.

The company's most recent offerings, made from sugar cane derived PE and other materials, help their clients in fulfilling their own environmental goals while also satisfying end-user demand for more sustainable containers

Because bio-based materials are renewable, they can be generated again. This is in contrast to typical polymers, which are created from resource fossil resources.

Sustainable from the core

Furthermore, our firm has invested in cutting-edge machinery in order to achieve sustainability and reduce consumption. Both in injection moulding, with the purchase of machinery that allows for multi-cavity moulds, and in decorating and assembly, plus cutting-edge quality control equipment, including high-speed artificial vision cameras.

Since 2019, our three production plants, complete with clean rooms and office areas, run on 100% renewable energy, thus minimizing our company's C02 footprint.

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