Faca Bets it All on Brand-Consumer Communication Through Packaging Design

The relationship between consumers and products has drastically changed. In a world that cares more and more about the environment and the impact every individual has on the world, customers are keener than ever on being as informed as possible about the products they buy. Where do they come from? How were they developed? How did they get to the store they're being sold at?

That's exactly why packaging has begun to evolve, and the trend of connected packaging solutions that provide a communication channel for both brand and customers will soon take over the industry. Faca Packaging is well aware of this and has joined forces with OKTICS, BLOOCK and CIMNE to integrate NFC technology in its latest design, enhancing the strategies brand marketing teams can develop.

And the benefits don't stop there. One of the main objectives of this project is brand protection, as the technology also lends itself to finding solutions to counterfeiting in the cosmetics industry, providing traceability of all materials and the life cycle of the pack.

Benefits of NFC Tech

The adoption of NFC technology and contactless systems has been increasingly adopted by different sectors, which is why packaging manufacturers are beginning to understand the wide range of advantages it provides to the industry:

  • Resistance to cloning.
  • Easy identification to avoid piracy.
  • Authentication of the product on behalf of the brand.
  • It does not affect the packaging's design (it is not visible in the pack).
  • Creates a new channel for marketing departments to deliver full stories and messages.

The possibilities are endless... Are you in? Get in touch now and learn how we can help you get your product to the market.

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