Facinity: An innovative custom-shaped bag for marketing use





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    Facinity® presents the shape of the flexible bag as a new marketing asset for customers, who are no longer restrained in their artistic expression.

    This whole new process enables to propose flexible packaging models that are totally customizable in the bag shape itself but also for its printing within an extremely short notice and without any tool.

    Through FacinityIt is now possible to create, in a wink, up to 3 different models, so that the final bag can be validated by the customers advisory panel before engaging any massive investment. It is Facinity PROTO.

    Besides, Facinity enables to manufacture small series of less than 1500 units for the validation of a packaging machine, enables also to prepare limited series for punctual events or promotional events. It is Facinity SPOT

    In one word, Facinity helps creativity in the area of flexible bags , reduces risk taking and quickens the development of packaging.

    The applications are infinite, because these possibilities are unheard of and unique in the world.

    • Jose Luis Suso
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