Face powder compact FT-PC0501

    Fancy & Trend's elegant-looking brushed metal compacts are decorated with a gorgeous brushed metallic finish that not only makes the compacts stand apart from others on the shelf, it gives the packaging an excellent weight and feel, to add a dash of luxury to a tried and true product.

    A unique and highly effective electroplating process the ensures that the compacts come off the line with a smooth mirrored visual effect, with no ugly graininess or uneven wavy lines.

    The process is vastly different from the typical sputter vacuum plating process that normally gets the job done but doesn’t leave as fine a result. Fancy & Trend’s electroplating decoration brings a touch of elegance and life to normal plastic objects, and provides companies with the means to differentiate a brand on the shelf through sophistication and excellent marketing value.


    Major MarketBeauty, Personal Care. Cosmetics
    Market - SegmentCosmetics
    Market - End UseMake Up. Face
    Container TypePrimary Packaging. Cosmetic Components. Compacts
    Minimum Order Quantity (Number)12000 Items
    Lead Time
    50 Days


    Packaging MaterialsPlastic - ABS
    Shape - Top DownCross Section Circular
    Width74 mm
    Height12.7 mm

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