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    Future Retail Strategies

    Future Retail Strategies

    The Future Retail Strategies Congress offers the the best opportunity to network and speak alongside colleagues and solution providers, dealing with the most pressing challenges the industry is currently facing and identifying technologies that will be able to guide and help.

    The Future Retail Strategies Congress is organized by Arena International.

    Arena International ensures a cutting-edge program of content for Future Retail Strategies, based on in-depth industry research on the biggest challenges and opportunities seen in retail.

    The Future Retail Strategies Congress provides the opportunity to make invaluable associations, stay relevant with industry developments and stimulated to influence future retail strategy.

    Explore how retailers can appeal to a new wave of shoppers and discuss different strategies that have been successfully implemented, shining light on techniques used to retain customer loyalty, and the technological developments within the retail space such as the use of automation to enhance the customer experience, including leveraging sustainable packaging solutions to create a strong brand ethos that instills buying confidence.