GCC Packaging Group

GCC Packaging Group

GCC's primary field of business entails providing decorative cosmetic packaging, satisfying a wide range of market needs.

Started two decades ago as Grace Cosmetics, GCC's team of professionals is equipped with expertise and a keen sense of beauty. With fresh ideas, well-developed techniques, and high efficiency, GCC’s service stands apart in the cosmetic packaging industry. With years of industry experience, GCC's primary field of business is decorative cosmetic packaging adopting wide range of material application satisfying vast market needs.

In 2008, GCC enrolled a new service into its business: tool making. Based on large volume requests from the market and fierce competition in the beauty business, private tooling is becoming a highly engaged business.

GCC’s plastic work specializes in standard and bespoke packaging solutions for colour cosmetics. Our unique packaging concepts include innovative items such as twist and click pens, compacts, mascara bottles, lip gloss containers, and lipstick cases.

Being a one-stop packaging solution provider has been GCC's main strength since the company's foundation. From the promotion of speed to total market projects to full colour cosmetic lines, we bring customers satisfaction. GCC Packaging Group focuses in getting knowledge of industrial design and artistic innovation integrated into packaging design, in order to offer the most iconic packaging presentation required for any product.

By managing the entire process from design to delivery, GCC Packaging Group is now a cosmetic packaging service leader.

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