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Human activity has evolved rapidly during the past few decades to the extent that behaviour and typical habits have changed. Multi-tasking has become a fact of life that is demanded of every one of us in every which way. The most significant changes can be seen among the vast cosmetic types. There are so many different cosmetic products available for professional requirements or for a quick fix up.

Based in Taiwan, GCC recognizes all too well the fast pace of the modern urban lifestyle and has prepared the best 2-in-1 cosmetic packaging selection for multi-taskers to serve the immense market of consumers who require a faster, more convenient and better make up solution.

GCC's selection includes the most popular items side by side to provide easier solutions for the multi-tasking addict and the result is a full collection of cosmetic packaging for the face, lips and even nails.

2-in-1 products aren't one-off novelty products for consumers any more. They are the essential staple components of the make up bag and part of the hectic modern lifestyle. 2-in-1 cosmetic packaging combines practical functionality with quality material, sufficient dosage and enduring style. It brings not only fulfillment of make up's purpose but the satisfaction of a complete experience for the consumer.

Grace Cosmetic Co.'s 2-in1 cosmetic packaging products:

Product Reference Product Description Material Dimensions Volume Capacity Suggested Godet/ Cup Size
 GCAJ157 Cosmetic jar with recess and mirror on top Top cap: ABS
Base: SAN
Dia: 25.4mm
Height: 4.5mm
w/sifter: 5.2ml
w/o sifter: 9.1ml
Dia: 25mm
 GCAJ158 Cosmetic jar with recess and mirror on top Top cap: ABS
Base: SAN
Dia: 36.6mm
Height: 4.5mm
w/sifter: 10ml
w/o sifter: 24ml
Dia: 36mm
 GCCJ191 Loose powder jar with sifter and mirror on top Base: AS
Cap: ABS
Dia: 56mm
Height: 34.2mm
8g  --
 GCIJ009 Cosmetic jar with recess and mirror on top Top cap: ABS
Base: SAN
Sifter: PP
Dia: 44mm
Height: 48.4mm
15g Dia: 31.79mm
 GCIJ010 Cosmetic jar with recess and mirror on top Top cap: ABS
Base: SAN
Sifter: PP
Dia: 44mm
Height: 33.3mm
10g 12.7mm
 GCAL062 Duo lipstick Base PP
Chimney: ABS
Cup: POM
Sleeve: PMMA
Dia: 23.5mm
Height: 93mm
2 x 0.11oz  --
 GCEPKL037 Lipstick with lip gloss Cap: ABS
Ring: HIPS + PS
Bottle: PETG
Dia: 12.9mm
Height: 93mm
5.9ml  --
 GCIPT001 Concealer tube with foundation stick Tube: PE
Cap: PP
Over cap: PP
Dia: 22mm
Height: 80mm
20ml  --
 GCJZ262-1 Liquid lip colour pen with lip balm Component: PP
Lip balm cap: PC
Dia: 14.2mm
Length: 131.5mm
3ml  --
 GCJZ264-1 Manicure pen Compenent: PP
Cap: PC
Dia: 14.2mm
Length: 131.5mm
3ml  --
 GCAL058 Lipstick pen with lip gloss Pen Cap: ABS
Barrel: PCTA
Gloss Cap: PP
Dia: 12mm
Length: 132mm
Pen: 0.2g
Gloss: 2.17ml

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