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Grace Cosmetics evolves into GCC Packaging Group

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For more than 20 years, Grace Cosmetics has been one of the leading companies to provide full service for many beauty and cosmetic companies, offering upscale products with recognizable quality and luxurious packaging designs.

In 2016, Grace Cosmetics has been working on the restructure of the company so that it can further grow and develop on its packaging know-how and experience developed over the past two decades. The mature experience of the company will now be able to better satisfy the growing needs of the cosmetic market.

As a result of this development, Grace Cosmetics will furthermore be known as GCC Packaging Group to reflect the company's new direction.

GCC Packaging Group presents a solid company of steady growth, innovative product design and plenteous service. The focus of the company will be artistic design in combination with advanced packaging technology in order to achieve the most iconic packaging solution that will benefit both the company and the consumer.

In order to cement the company's new direction, Webpac Digital Media Group was chosen to design GCC Packaging Group's brand new logo. Webpac's design team has been working closely with GCC Packaging's CEO, Ms. Grace Chiu, to develop a new visual for the company which will take it forward into the future. The final result successfully presents GCC Packaging Group's corporate spirit and core philosophy. 

With the introduction of its new company logo, GCC Packaging Group will continue to offer the outstanding packaging design services worldwide for which Grace Cosmetics was known.



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