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Grace Cosmetics opened in 2002 providing cosmetics to teenagers. Starting in 2012, Grace Chiu saw a lot of potential in innovative cosmetic packaging. GCC then began to offer a way to bring simplicity into packaging innovation and production.

GCC is capable of making plastic packaging for colour cosmetics including compacts, palettes, jars, mascaras, lip gloss containers, and others. In the past few years, GCC has also developed an extensive line of automatic pens with a widea array of functions. In future, GCC will continue to develope more and more functional and attractive beauty packaging. As the company's missions states: "Together we make a beautiful world".

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Grace Cosmetics evolves into GCC Packaging Group

Grace Cosmetics evolves into GCC Packaging Group

Grace Cosmetics has been working on the restructure of the company so that it can further grow and develop on its packaging know-how and experience developed over the past two decades. The mature experience of the company will now be able to better satisfy the growing needs of the cosmetic market. Grace Cosmetics will furthermore be known as GCC Packaging Group to reflect the company's new direction. The focus of the company will be artistic design in combination with advanced packaging technology in order to achieve the most iconic packaging solutions.

Grace Cosmetics creates an airtight lipstick packaging design

Grace Cosmetics creates an airtight lipstick packaging design

GCC, well-known for its artistic and innovative packaging design is currently progressing in the development of its latest surprise innovation. Having researched recent fashion trends and through mass market feedback, Grace Cosmetics is creating a brand new airtight lipstick to satisfy the demand of the cosmetic market. The result of GCC's planning is an elegant, stylish lipstick packaging that keeps the product safe with a good air-tight barrier: A perfect lipstick product.

Grace Cosmetics releases a high definition brow pencil

Grace Cosmetics releases a high definition brow pencil

With decades of cosmetic product development experience, GCC has developed numerous project-focused designs for many professional make-up artists with successful packaging solutions. The company has released the High Definition Brow Pencil - a duo-end tool providing 2-way application: One end of a slim barrel available for filling lip liner, eye liner, eyebrow colors to create precise make-up effect, the other end of a tool that can be different brush styles to suit the product substance.

Grace Cosmetics shows beauty through aging

Grace Cosmetics shows beauty through aging

Beauty packaging is always seeking new notions of aesthetics from different materials. Awed by the beauty of copper, GCC packaging uses the technique of patina to create chemistry between plastic and metals. The most striking part of patina is a green, blue surface created by the slow chemical alteration of copper, producing a basic carbonate. This decoration technique used by Grace Cosmetics and ignited by cross industry collaboration will be a new concept brought to packaging innovation in 2016 for the company's cosmetic compacts.

GCCs new Fairy Dust Cosmetic Pen, specifically designed for upscale eye make up

GCC's new Fairy Dust Cosmetic Pen, specifically designed for upscale eye make up

GCC has released its latest make-up tool for eyes, the Fairy Dust Cosmetic Pen. It aims to illuminate and complete the application of facial make up by providing a shimmering touch to the eyes. Its sleek look is an extremely handy and portable size with a built in, spring loaded NBR eye shadow sponge that works exceedingly well when it comes to eye make-up application. It offers gentle yet firm and stable application to the eye lids, allowing consumers to apply shimmering powder and other make up types evenly and precisely without creating a mess.

GCCs clutch bags: Stylish protection for colour cosmetics

GCC's clutch bags: Stylish protection for colour cosmetics

The basic criteria for any packaging, premium or not, is the safe protection of the product contained within. Grace Cosmetics is well known in the cosmetic packaging industry for its creativity in developing novel cosmetic products as well as offering packaging innovations and has recently launched a new line of fabulous clutch bags as cosmetic palette packaging. The designers at GCC present two very different looks for the colour cosmetic clutch bag: Wildstyle and Bohemian.

Flocking decoration for GCCs beauty and cosmetic packaging

Flocking decoration for GCC's beauty and cosmetic packaging

Known as an innovative packaging provider, GCC, has once again brought a typical decoration technique to its products which until now has not been decorated in such a way - opening a new chapter in decoration for cosmetic packaging. In packaging decoration, flocking is a relatively simple process that applies fibre to a pre-processed packaging surface, however, a skilful artisan with specialist knowledge is essential to achieve a precise and desirable result.

GCC reintroduces the artistic form of cosmetic packaging

GCC reintroduces "the artistic form of cosmetic packaging"

Every year, the entire crew at Grace Cosmetics does market research and trend analysis work, then presents collections of packaging designs based on specific themes throughout the year. In 2015, Grace Cosmetics has absorbed the traditional Chinese artistic design of the Tang Dynasty and combined it with artistry techniques from Japan to create hand-made crafts that echo its 2015 topic, "the artistic form of cosmetic packaging". It dismisses industrial mass-production and brings back the old tradition of hand-made individualistic detailing.

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