A fancier option: one click open lipgloss packaging

Lip makeup is the bedrock of beauty. Lipstick can really elevate a look and is a super easy way to dress up your everyday makeup. According to Business Wire's Global Lipstick Market 2015-2019 report, global lipstick sales are expected to grow at a rate of 3.76% to $8.6bn, set to sparkle through to 2019.

Rouge Allure, a click open liquid lipstick launched at GCC at the end of 2017 has proved to be very popular owing to the ultra-modern and unique design.

Unlike traditional twist-open packaging, this new gloss and its sleek lacquered tube has a fancier one click top, where the tube is essentially using a spring mechanism to open, making it a dream to use. Made completely in metal, which highlights its elegance and value, this liquid lipstick is sized at 6.5ml OFC.

See below for specification details of the one click open lipgloss packaging (GCQPL048),

Size: H90.54 L18.8 W18.8

Cap: H19 L17.4 W17.4

Base: H89.5

Material: metal cap/base AL, cap PP, spatula HYTREL, flocking NYLON, wiper LDPE, collar/base SAN, spiral POM, spring SUS

Capacity: 6.5ml

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