'Mask Have' essentials from GEKA

GEKA's new collection has everything that you need to shine when you are out. The Mask Have set includes 2 face masks along with a mascara and brow product to give your face the perfect frame and final finish.

Push-up brush

A molded brush designed for major volume and lash lengthening with horizontal and vertical bristles for a smooth and precise application. The bristles at the tip of the brush can be used to “push-up” and style the finest lashes. Overall this patent – protected brush delivers a fantastic pay-off. Shown here in the 2020 color of the year in our cylindrical ready-to-go packaging with a silk screen design in 3 shades.

Awesome brow

A small, conical twisted wire brush for a convenient brow treatment. Made of bio based EOSgreen fibre in 5 mils – a GEKA exclusive fibre consisting of 100% renewable raw material from the castor oil plant. The small diameter allows precise application, enables easy handling to catch the brow contour and coats each tiny hair for accurate shaping, filling and defining. The pointed brush tip accentuates and defines the brow for a flawless look, that stays all day. The ready-to-go cylindrical packaging in this year’s 2020 “classic blue” and is topped by a silk screen design in 3 shades.

Face masks

Protection and accessory in one: GEKA's face masks are double layered with a multi-colour print with sustainable cotton on the interior.

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