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    GEKA GmbH

    GEKA GmbH

    At GEKA, we strive to be the best partner for our customers. In addition to our products, we also offer a comprehensive range of expert services, creating major benefits and advantages for our partners.

    Founded as a brush factory in 1925 by Georg Karl, the business later started to produce cosmetics applicators with a focus on mascara and plastics processing. This present-day division GEKA Beauty comprises packaging systems and applicators for mascara, lip gloss, eyeliner, liquid eye shadow, nail polish and care products as well as finished products.

    Another milestone came in 1971 when the VICTORIA division – now GEKA Accessories – was acquired for trading products and producing high-quality shaving brushes in-house.

    In 2016 GEKA has been acquired by the Swiss company Sulzer and is now part of their forth division “Applicator Systems”.


    Innovations play a major role in our success. We therefore constantly work to improve our internal processes for producing and implementing ideas. We press ahead with innovations from two standpoints: from the market-oriented viewpoint and from the point of view of technology.

    The prime imperatives in our manufacturing process are flawless quality and maximum productivity. This is what our management and staff are working toward – today, tomorrow and always. The basis for this is the constant expansion of our expertise. We encourage this through extensive further training measures and staff development initiatives.

    We attach equal importance to the maintenance of a consistent corporate culture, which we see as a living source of positive change. It therefore goes without saying for us that it should be actively shaped by staff and management alike. Only in this way can corporate values be brought to life. Because we know: a motivated staff is the foundation for a successful company.


    We want to be the world’s leading expert in manufacturing and trading integrated innovative and precise application systems in the field of liquid color cosmetics, beauty accessories, and healthcare products.


    Our goal? A strategy that aims at sustained growth. In the process, above all we want to develop our competitiveness and become more attractive to our customers, partners, and employees.

    • We want to provide our valued partners with the most innovative and sustainable technical solutions in the field of application systems on a global scale through our state-of-the-art facilities combining operational excellence and quality with a strong marketing approach.
    • We want to be an attractive company, respectful to the social and ecological environment by generating long-term value for the benefit of our employees, partners and shareholders.
    • We want to generate sufficient profitability and sustainable growth to maintain our global leadership in size, innovation power, attractiveness, and commercial dynamism.


    GEKA is one of the world‘s leading manufacturer of brushes, applicators and of complete packaging systems for the cosmetics industry. We see ourselves as a development partner and solution provider for the international industry. The global presence of our sales and manufacturing divisions means that we are close to our customers and to the market, underpinning our position as market leaders. Expertise that has been accumulated over the years, a constant flow of innovations and countless patents mark us out as the application specialists. As a trendsetting company, we are able to offer our customers unique developments and non-exclusive packaging solutions.


    Our customers are famous international companies who market liquid color cosmetics such as mascara and eyeliner, liquid eye shadow, nail varnish / nail care products, lip gloss, lipstick and other lip products. They serve both the mass market and the exclusive market, in direct distribution or as private labels. GEKA constantly offers them unique new developments that end customers love.


    Founded as a brush manufacturing company by Georg Karl approximately 90 years ago, our modern company is close to customers worldwide today thanks to its international production plants and sales offices and many worldwide partners. At our central production locations in Bavaria, at our production plants in the USA and Brazil as well as at our sales offices in Paris, New York and Shanghai, we employ a total of approx. 900 people.


    GEKA Accessories is a wholly owned division of GEKA Group. The company based in Königshofen designs, develops and sources all types of accessories for international beauty brands and retailers such as cosmetic brushes, powder puffs, sponges, body accessories, hair products, spa and massage items. As a solutions provider, it also creates concepts for complete product lines.

    It also operates a manufacturing facility for premium shaving brushes and hair care products under the brand name VICTORIA that meet the high standards of leading global brands.