With innovation in trends and technology, GEKA pushes the limits of cosmetic applicators

With innovation in trends and technology, GEKA pushes the limits of cosmetic applicators. More than 600 packaging patents and 4,000 mascara brush designs are evidence of our experience as a manufacturer, supplier, and wholesaler of beauty microbrushes such as mascara, lip gloss and concealer wands. Our cosmetic packaging experts at GEKA provide a comprehensive range of beauty tools including high-performance applicators, fully finished products, and beauty accessories.

We work with the most iconic names in beauty as well as those launching their first beauty brand. We are the partner both for those looking for turnkey solutions and for those seeking innovation and responsible, honest packaging.  

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We are a leading manufacturer, supplier, and wholesaler of innovative, high-precision beauty application solutions including mascara, lip gloss, concealer, micro brushes, and beauty tools.

With a strong heritage dating back to 1925, we provide a vast range of impressive brushes, applicators, a wide range of beauty accessories as well as complete packaging systems, all of which can be delivered fully finished and ready for sale. Our product portfolio comprises solutions for mascara, eyebrow products, lip gloss, eyeliner, liquid eye shadow, liquid foundation, and concealer, as well as fully finished products. In addition, we design, develop, and source all types of beauty accessories such as cosmetic brushes, powder puffs, sponges, hair products, and massage items. We have an established global presence and provide our customers with a combination of global reach supported by a local presence for direct and immediate access, feedback, and solutions.

In 2022, we achieved sales of 144 million CHF with close to 900 committed employees around the globe. 
Since 2021, we belong to medmix, a globally active Swiss company.