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GEKA’s sustainability work is rewarded

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GEKA GMBH Group’s ongoing commitment to sustainability has been noticed and rewarded by the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP). GEKA's focuses on using recycled material and bio-based materials in their packaging solutions. 

GEKA received an industry leading Supplier Engagement Rating (SER) ‘B’ grade from the CDP. The results of Geka’s CDP report highlight the dedication and commitment of the organization to creating a more sustainable manufacturing industry. 

An overall SER ‘B’ grade, places Geka above the plastic product manufacturing sector’s average of ‘B-’ as well as the global average of ‘C’. 

The CDP also awarded Geka’s actions in the supplier engagement and scope 3 emissions subcategories with an ‘A’, placing them in the Leadership band. According to Geka, the commitment to using recycled and bio-based materials has contributed to the high ranking from the CDP.

Florent Lafond, CEO at Geka said:

“We are delighted to receive such a high Supplier Engagement Rating from the CDP. We believe that to further improve the sustainability of our production, we need to look at every aspect of our operations. This is why we are committed to engaging with companies throughout our entire supply chain on this topic. Throughout 2021, we aim to deliver even more sustainable, market leading brushes, applicators, beauty accessories and complete packaging systems for liquid cosmetics”.

The high CDP rating that Geka has received for supplier engagement is the result of its wider plan to increase the sustainability of its manufacturing activities and supply chain worldwide.

Based in Germany, GEKA group is one of the world‘s leading manufacturers of brushes, applicators, and of complete packaging systems for the cosmetics industry.

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