Look FLAWLESS with crystal clear cosmetic bottles made with PCR

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Continuing on its mission to help the beauty industry realize a cleaner future, GEKA has launched a sustainable cosmetics packaging solution for concealers, lookFLAWLESS. With its core components, including a crystal-clear bottle, incorporating recycled materials, this all new product offers a more environmentally friendly way to effortlessly apply liquid makeup.

Applying sustainability to lookFLAWLESS

A leading innovator in the field of packaging solutions for cosmetics, GEKA has created lookFLAWLESS with the growing demand for sustainable products in mind. The bottle, cap and thread part are made using Post-Consumer Resins (PCRs), which are derived from items that have been reprocessed into recycled plastics. In addition to this, the easy-to-handle delightfulCHARMER applicator contains a minimum of 25% recycled flock.

Combined, the components that make up the lookFLAWLESS packageresults in 42% of the overall product originating from recycled plastics. To achieve this without compromising on aesthetics, GEKA has developed a process to create crystal clear bottles made of polyethylene terephthalate glycol-modified (PET-G) containing 30% PCR.

The reduced crystallinity of PCR PET results in a much greater clarity rate compared to conventional recycled PET, which means that coloration of the plastic is no longer needed. This transparency produces more appealing bottles while also offering greater functionality for end-users who can easily monitor how much product they have left.

Featuring a stunning metallic look, the cap is molded using 100% PCR-polypropylene (PP) and the thread part is made of polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) containing 66% PCR. The bottle is also paired with GEKA’s delightfulCHARMER applicator, specially designed for use with products such as concealer or lip gloss. This spoon shaped applicator uses a minimum of 25% recycled flock for smooth application of liquid makeup, matched with a formula reservoir for optimum product dosage.

Frédéric Duquet, Head Global R&D and Innovation at GEKA said:

“We’re really excited to unveil lookFLAWLESS to our customers. People are looking more and more towards a sustainable future, and a cleaner beauty routine is a key area where we can make a change. As a packaging provider, we are always looking for ways to innovate and develop products to help achieve this.”

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