Bi-Injected Mascara Brush Technology at GEKA

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GEKA, the leading manufacturer of brushes and applicators for makeup and skincare has more than 60 years of heritage in the production of mascara and eyebrow brushes. Pioneers in molded brushes, GEKA was the first to market with bi-injection brushes and has sold over 2 billion bi-injected brushes. 

Bi-injection brushes 

Customizable color options, faster applications, quick pay-off, maximum volume and 100% guaranteed brush quality with camera-monitored production. 

This innovative two-shot technology is the answer for those that find molded brushes too hard and too stiff during application compared to fiber brushes. SANDWICH technology works with two different plastic materials – a soft one for the bristles and a harder one for the core. Thus, the brush becomes firm and provides great control for exact application.

Offering ready-to-go brush designs, GEKA can also develop unique and customized brush designs.

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Sante Naturkosmetik choses GEKA's Shadow Printing and attractEXACT Mascara Brush

GEKA had been chosen by Sante Naturkosmetik to produce the brand's new Mini Makes Mega Volume & Definition Mascara. The mascara brush, attractEXACT, which is made with one-component technology, glides effortlessly through the lashes by simultaneously defining and lengthening them. The innovative Shadow Printing was applied to the cap and also to the bottle, as well as being combined with screen printing on the bottle.

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