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    Not all mascaras are created equal

    • HCP Packaging

    For brands targeting long-lasting and waterproof mascara formulas, get twice the performance with HCP's stock 13mm Double-Ended Waterproof Mascara.

    Paired with either fibre or plastic brushes, this dual-ended pack allows for two distinctive lash looks or a layered application for a customised lash result.

    The versatile 13mm Double-Ended Mascara can be supplied with either PP (69K) or PET (6L7) bottles to suit all formulas.

    HCP's global Lash Studios offer a collaborative environment to work with inhouse experts to match cutting-edge mascara technologies with formulas and deliver dynamic results.

    High Definition brush (SE0005)

    Combine this tronconical plastic brush with a PP bottle for nourishing or priming products; or a PET bottle for waterproof formulas and achieve volume, length and definition with precision application.

    Spider 360 (MA7345 S360)

    The 360° Spider Technology creates a high-performance fibre brush that delivers on performance; building maximum volume for a lash look set for beach, to gym and beyond.

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