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    Hirokawa Co., Ltd. provides a wide range of food packaging, packaging materials, and sales promotion solutions.

    Our mission is to link manufacturers, who strive to offer value to end users through the creation of products, and consumers, who seek genuine abundance. Manufacturers labor untiringly to provide society and end users with the value they truly need.

    Hirokawa supports manufacturers with two solutions, in packaging and sales promotion. As a result of numerous factors, the environment and end values of users have been changing rapidly. The pace of this change has been especially dramatic since March 2011. Today, enterprises and brands are increasingly judged on the basis of ethics, and are expected to be user-friendly, compassionate, and socially responsible.

    Our mission is to link manufacturers, who are striving to meet these expectations through their products and services, with end users, who are seeking genuine abundance. So that there may be smiles between manufacturers and end users a century hence, Hirokawa will continue providing solutions that bring both parties together in harmony.

    The Six Keys that Bring to Bear Hirokawa's Unique Strengths

    1. Packaging x Promotion

    End users reach purchasing decisions when Attention sparks Interest that leads to Desire, Motive, and finally Action. The key to effective product promotion is not just attractive packaging, but point of purchase positioning and sales campaigns that motivate consumers to reach out instinctively and make the product their own. Hirokawa's decades of accumulated expertise in the manufacture of packaging materials gives us deep insight into the development of sales promotion materials. Our capability as a manufacturer to offer total solutions that range from packaging to sales campaigns is one of our distinctive strengths.

    Being a manufacturer, not a consulting company, we provide proven sales solutions.

    2. Strength in Our Own Capability

    The Hirokawa Group includes Ace Pack Co., Ltd. and Inaba Shiko Co., Ltd., two manufacturers of food packaging materials. The former produces lightweight food product containers, while the latter produces cups and lace paper for confections and cooked food products. Increasingly stringent levels of hygiene and quality are demanded of food packaging materials, and we believe that carrying out all processes in our own plants with highly experienced staff is essential in fulfilling our responsibilities to customers, users, and society. As a supplier of such packaging, Hirokawa Co. Ltd. is helping to reinforce trust in manufacturers by providing consumers with peace of mind and safety.

    Controlling every aspect of production ensures superior hygiene and quality.

    3. Strength in Unburdened Flexibility

    Today, the packaging and sales promotion materials demanded by the market and by our clients are changing with dizzying speed. In the field of everyday items and general merchandise, we can execute projects as a fabless manufacturer through flexible coordination with cooperating plants, each with an advantage in specific processes. This allows us to manage the manufacturing process in accordance with lot size and meet our clients' requested delivery deadline by combining many different technologies and techniques. We manufacture packaging materials at cooperating plants in the Higashi Osaka area, home to many innovative manufacturing companies. For sales promotion materials where speed and low cost are important, we can meet client needs through manufacturers in China and other Asian countries. Our alliances with dedicated, imaginative craftsman manufacturers in Japan and a young, energetic overseas workforce help transform the passion of our manufacturer clients into end user satisfaction.

    We solve client challenges by gathering the best advice available.

    4. Limited Budgets, Unlimited Ideas

    Our clients' budgets are inherently limited, but there is no limit to our search for solutions that answer your needs. This is our mission. Today's 'impossible' demand contains clues to tomorrow's new market needs. Of course, not every challenge has a perfect solution, but in that case we can propose alternative solutions that can come close to that. As long as our clients are dedicated and there is a requirement that consumers are waiting to have fulfilled, Hirokawa Co., Ltd. will never stop searching for the best solution.

    We will not rest until we find the solution you need.

    5. A Wealth of Case Studies that Won't Fit in a Showroom

    There is no showroom where you can see the full lineup of Hirokawa products. This is because we are not a provider of products, but a provider of solutions to challenges. We could put our products in a showroom, but we can't show you how those products became the solution to a challenge. The links between manufacturers and consumers are invisible, but our sales representatives will be happy to give you a better idea of how we have helped convert client intentions into end user satisfaction through product stories told with a wide range of materials.

    Our solutions tell a story.

    6. Helping Same-Industry Companies as a Subcontracted Solutions Provider

    In executing projects, we work not only with our manufacturer clients who are end users of materials, but with other companies in our own industry, including printing and paper compan