Hopf Packaging

Hopf Packaging

We are the leading manufacturer of pots, bottles and jars for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries since 1896.

Expect the Unexpected

German Engineering Artistry.
Swabian Efficiency.
Globally leading premium products.

Let's consider:

  • breathtaking design and countless possibilities.
  • your involvement in the development process.
  • putting values and progress into practice.
  • Hopf, premium manufacturer of packaging solutions since 1896.

Passion Precision

Striving for precision has always been the drive behind our work. The highest level of precision is the basis for our production and surface treatments. Deadline loyalty and reliability are at the core of our long-established partnerships. A comprehensive understanding of quality.

Tradition Innovation

New challenges continuously generate new creations. The perfect packaging solution is the perfect blend of form and function. Many renowned manufacturers in the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry rely on our creativity and experience. Our techniques and technologies that stay true to our principles of quality and sustainability. Staying true to principles.

Inspiration Individuality

For more than 115 years we are one of the leading manufacturers of the sector. We have realized: Every idea is different and the best product satisfies that perfectly. It is our obsession to create a unique solution with you—your wishes, joint know-how, our systems. Customer focus redefined.

Our standard: Over 400 variants to choose from

Sustainable production, longevity, and the right model for every need.
Choose form 400 variants of jars, bottles and pots.
Or, alternatively, together, we create your own individual packaging solution.

Thick-walled jars

The best of both worlds—the combination of the look of glass with plastic: transparency and translucency coupled with low weight and a high degree of safety.

Aspiration Sustainability.

Genuine sustainability is infinitely more than environmentally friendly production methods. Genuine sustainability is a sustainable husbanding of resources—an equal portion of commercial progress and social justice and environmental protection. Genuine sustainability is both a responsibility and a challenge. Tradition as responsibility.

So, you think you know us?

We have been one of the leading manufacturers of pots, bottles and jars for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries since 1896. This is why we know full well: Standard is not good enough. Everything is feasible. Every solution is unique, otherwise it is not from Hopf.