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    i2r Packaging Solutions

    i2r Packaging Solutions

    i2r manufactures a comprehensive range of wrinkle wall and smooth wall semi-rigid aluminium foil containers used throughout the food industry.


    We provide high quality, light weight, robust aluminium foil packaging for many leading retail brands including “Cook”, “Gastropub”, “To Cook”, “Taste the difference”, “Finest”, “Simply Cook” and “Go Cook”.

    Our experienced development team is focused on custom designed innovative smoothwall tray solutions developed in conjunction with both retailers and food processors.

    Together with our partners Contital S.r.L. we supply aluminium trays to the UK, Eire, Continental Europe, Middle East, North America and Asia.


    Young, innovative and providing a real packaging alternative, i2r was established to redefine the food packaging industry.

    The differences are clear - with a focus on innovation, i2r develops unique, intellectually protected designs that meet the needs of the food packaging industry and its focus on the environment. The i2r products use less material, but due to their unique designs are more robust than the industry average.

    The company philosophy is one that continually challenges traditional industry constraints in order to satisfy the latest market trends. Important strategic partnerships with customers and retailers, throughout the supply chain, are at the heart of i2r’s business ethos.