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    Idea L Pack

    Idea L Pack

    Started from 1977, we developed our group through international and multicultural collaboration. Idea L Pack has successively removed all barriers and geographic frontiers.


    Idea L Pack is an expert and a worldwide provider for packaging. Our company succeeded to merge expertise and stills with global service and flexibility. Our consistent commitment to quality, lead-time, innovation, and our continuous improvements in logistics, cost controlling, and sustainability, have allowed Idea L Pack to develop trustable partnership with main brands that cares about their packaging performances. 

    We are proud of serving the most worldwide brands through adapted partnership: being a local packaging provider or worldwide packaging provider offering the same quality, consistency wherever we are producing the packaging. 

    Metal Packaging

    Round or square, we do all kind of metallic packaging with high printed quality.

    Flexible Packaging

    We offer a large range of flexible packaging with the full range of materials. From basic plastic bag, to high quality TPU bags, we have all technologies to print and manufacture the right packaging. As we care of sustainability, we also offer bags from recycled materials and bio-materials

    Printed Packaging

    We have the best printing technology in Europe and in Asia. Our core competence is to bring you the best printed packaging: boxes, paper tags and labels, stickers. But we do it right first, fast, and with competitive cost. We print on paper, cardboard, and rigid plastic.

    Displays & Gift Packaging

    Our packaging could be combined with POS displays and become a full support for sale.

    Superfos, a Berry Global company