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    World’s first coffee mug made from olive pomace

    • IIC AG
    Eating, Drinking, Beverages - Non-Alcoholic, Teas, Infusions, Coffees, Instant Teas, Coffees, Active, Smart Packaging, Sustainable Packaging, Degradable Packaging, Eco Sensitive, Eco Plastic

    IIC AG has developed the world's first coffee mug made from olive pomace. The basis for the bioplastic is not the olives themselves, but remaining residues such as peel, pulp and seeds, which are produced after pressing the virgin olive oil, so-called olive pomace. The bio-plastic is biodegradable, contains no harmful substances and is certified for the food sector.

    Compared to fossil-based plastics, the production of this bio-based plastic produces significantly lower carbon emissions. The coffee mug with its high-quality closure is 100% leak-proof and has the same properties as conventional coffee mugs.

    IIC AG's experts will be pleased to provide you with individual information about the numerous possibilities and areas of application of its granulates and materials.

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    • Modified 25 Sep 2020
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