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    Weight-reduced PP/PET packaging for the food industry

    • IIC AG

    With our weight-reduced PP/PET packaging, we have been able to significantly reduce the proportion of plastic by using the removable carton sleeve. The packaging is suitable for meat, fish and ready meals, is easy to recycle and it provides plenty of space for your designs.

    This product was listed in the ’20 Top Innovations’ in the field of sustainable packaging by Packaging World magazine.

    "As a producer of 600 million food packaging items per year, we are acutely aware of our ecological responsibility. When developing new packaging concepts, we pay particular attention to a number of criteria in order to reduce the use of resources and provide environmentally-friendly packaging solutions."

    Weight reduced food packaging helps to reduce the carbon footprint of the packaging which is particularly noticeable during transportation and conforms to our company ethos of offering Reduce, Reuse, Recycle products.

    Explore other weight-reduced and sustainable packaging options on our website.

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