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    What is hybrid food packaging?

    • IIC AG

    IIC's hybrid packaging (also called desto packaging) offers the possibility to reduce the plastic content by up to 80% and still guarantee the usual characteristics. The combination of two components offers countless possibilities for the food industry.

    The most common combination consists of plastic and hard or grass paper. The combination packaging scores points above all for its resource-saving possibilities and the low costs resulting from the reduced plastic content.

    Characteristics of hybrid food packaging

    Due to the countless possible combinations available, hybrid packaging can match any required characteristics. Products can be lightweight, stable, sterile, flexible and can be considered to be the ideal material for food packaging. Barrier properties ensure that food protected, retains its natural flavour and stays fresh longer.

    As an ecological alternative to plastic packaging, hybrid solutions are proving to be a strong option - whether for tubs, buckets, pots, trays... At IIC Packaging, we can offer comprehensive advice to guide you to your tailor-made combination packaging.

    Hybrid packaging can be round, square, rectangular, oval or bespoke with a range of filling volumes. Contact us to find out how your food products can benefit from hybrid packaging, or read more on our dedicated web page:

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