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    We develop your wet wipes dispenser to measure

    Are you looking for packaging for wet wipes, hygiene products or cosmetics? AT IIC AG, we are your supplier for your bespoke packaging! Benefit from a large number of practical options that perfectly protect your products and ensure that they can be used.

    Our packaging is 100% recyclable and, on request, can be made of materials such as plastic granulate, post-consumer or post-industrial recyclate. Our environmentally friendly packaging is robust and can be implemented with individual decorations according to your ideas. Discover our innovative range and ideas now and let yourself be inspired.

    Wet wipe dispenser options

    IIC can offer wet wipe packaging in round, square, rectangular or oval packs, manufactured in PP, PET/rPET. Whether for refreshing towels, hygiene or disinfectant wipes, wet wipes, or moist tissues, customers can choose from a range of resealable packaging choices with filling volumes from 1L up to a mega-pack of 32L, and in a choice of colors.

    Wet wipe packaging examples:

    These are examples of wet wipe packaging that IIC has already implemented. To develop a custom wet wipe pack, simply contact us with your requirements!

    wet wipes canister
    wet wipes canister
    Diameter: 84mm Diameter: 108mm
    Height: 215mm Height: 215mm
    Volume: 1.19L Volume: 1.97L
    wet wipes canister
    Wet wipes
    Diameter: 160mm Sizes: From 2L-27L
    Height: 215mm Also available with IML decoration
    Volume: 4.39L  

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