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    Recycling is made easier

    • IIC AG

    The littlest things can make the biggest difference when it comes to being able to recycle a product following the end of its useful life as packaging.

    That's why IIC Packaging offers digital watermarks for its food packaging.

    Along with the utilization of sustainable materials, IIC's packaging is 100% recyclable. The company's ethos demands that it offer Reduce, Reuse, Recycle products, and the use of a digital watermark on its food packaging, makes it even easier for brands to ensure that they are part of the circular economy.

    How does a digital watermark make recycling easier?

    When a product is put into a recycle bin, it is then sent for sorting. The inclusion of a digital watermark makes it easier and faster for the packaging to get separated and put into the correct recycling line.

    IIC's digital watermarks are invisibly printed on its food packaging. It does not affect the finished look of the product on the shelf, however, waste sorting systems can see the watermark and recognize the material in order to sort it appropriately. This ensures that the packaging is then recycled so that the material can be used once again and has the knock-on benefit of increasing recycling rates.

    For more information about IIC's sustainability policies, please visit iic-ag.com/sustainability.

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