Airtight PP Packaging for Lipsticks

IMS Packaging, a professional manufacturing and trading company specialized in supplying a wide variety of high-quality packaging in cosmetic, skin care, health care and hair care industries. Its latest lipstick packaging made of PP is the answer to products that require airtight protection


With a screw cap, the IMS airtight PP stick container is perfect for delicate cosmetic formulae. The airtight packaging solution comes in two different sizes and bullet cup specs.


The packaging engineering team in IMS Packaging recommend to decorate the airtight lipstick packaging with silk screen, hot stamping, and foil printing for branding and marketing purposes. Many of the aesthetic treatments such as overspray coating or metallization are not recommended.


Airtight Lipstick Specifications:

l   Material PP for cap and base

l   PD-406: cup size 11mm

l   PD-407: cup size 12.1mm/12.7mm

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