Packaging with clear base revealing lipstick color

IMS Packaging introduces 3 new models of lipstick packaging that each has a clear base to reveal the lipstick colour inside.

Comprised of ABS and AS, all 3 options can be decorated with silk screen printing or hot stamping, in addition to receiving surface treatments of metallization, overspray coating or UV coating for a stand-out look on the shelf.

All three lipsticks benefit a length of over 70mm and a width of over 20mm for ease of use by the consumer and enhanced shelf presence for the brand.

The PD-05 is offered in a cyclindrical shape with a size of 21 x 73.5mm, whilst the PD-122 and PD-162 are rectangular and both have a width of 20.4mm and a height of 72.5mm and 74.7mm respectively.

MOQ is 24,000 pieces per product.

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