The 'handy' multi-use colour cosmetic pack

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With a length of 89mm, IMS Packaging's LG/MS/EL-695 multi-use pack is the ultimate 'handy' make-up pack as it is the length of the palm of the hand! The pack can be tailored for use with either eyeliner, lip gloss or mascara.

LG/MS/EL-695 specifications

  • Capacity: 5.5ml
  • MOQ 12.000pcs for basic injection and spray coating matte finish
  • MOQ 25.000pcs for metallization shiny finish
  • Customized color is available and printing is also possible
  • Material: Cap—ABS; Bottle—PETG; Stem—POM; Wiper—PE
  • This packaging is possible match with eyeliner brush, lip gloss applicator and mascara brush

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