IMS cosmetic packaging for lip gloss & mascara

IMS Packaging introduces a new square-shaped cosmetic packaging. With different applicator selection, the packaging can be either a lip gloss, or a mascara.


Packaging Material

l   Cap: ABS

l   Bottle: AS

l   Stem: PP

l   Wiper: PE

l   Capacity: 7ml

l   Lipgolss applicator: TPEE

l   Mascara brush: nylon / silicone


Packaging Decoration:

l   Color spray

l   Metallization

l   UV coating

l   Hot stamping

l   Silk screen printing


IMS design team recommend to add metallization, color spray, or UV coating to the cap and collar to add further aesthetic sheer for the design, and keep the bottle transparent for consumers to see the product.

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    Fasih Mughal

    What the price of lipgloss container with lipgloss applicator.

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