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At induPlast, we have over 500 products in our catalogue including sticks, roll-ons, lip sticks, jars, make-up containers and rigid tubes that represent the perfect synthesis between advanced technology, research of materials and design.

We take care of every detail to create packaging capable of representing and strengthening the personality of your Brand.

Tailor-made packaging

Our manufacturing flexibility and our in-house customization department allow you to create a packaging that meets your exact functional and aesthetic needs.

Offset printing, screen printing and hot stamping offer infinite decoration possibilities with impeccable quality.

Add your brand's colour and branding to our 3D models to see how our products can benefit you.

Green packaging

The choice of a low environmental impact container is now possible!

We have a vast range of a variety of proposals that include solutions in PCR recycled materials as well as single-material products in polypropylene, therefore 100% recyclable and complete with ECOCERT/COSMOS certification.

To find out more details about our products and capabilities, contact us!

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