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    Vexel Srl

    Vexel Srl

    Pharmaceutical (OTC) & Cosmetic packaging

    We offer a wide range of bottles manufactured in HDPE, PET, PETG and PVC materials, with the possibility of customizing the product and offer different finishes, thanks to an infinite shades of color selection. In particular, PET, with its crystalline transparency, low weight, high resistance and its low environmental impact (100% recyclable), appears to be the most suitable type of plastic for numerous markets. We are also able to create bottles with a matte finish, and, if manufactured with HDPE material, Vexel can also offer a soft touch.

    Plastic, due to its peculiar characteristics, and it’s remarkable versatility, offers a variety of designs, and its characteristics continue to be favored by the cosmetics and perfumery markets. This is why we provide a wide range of formats to guarantee our customers maximum satisfaction.

    We create customized solutions for all cosmetic needs, and our design services and product developments continuously follow the evolution of raw materials and market trends, providing packaging of excellent quality.

    Vexel’s catalogue offers a wide range of products such as: bottles, plastic capsules for cosmetic and pharmaceutical (OTC) use, aluminum capsules, dispensers, spray pumps and customized decorations such as screen printing and pad printing. We can also offer you ready to go packaging, even for the smallest quantities.

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