The secret to the evolution of the beauty industry? A sustainable supply chain

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The beauty industry has proven to be one of the segments most capable of adapting to its social and economic context.

On the global level, the McKinsey & Company report estimates that the beauty sector will return to 2019 revenue levels as early as the end of the year, an objective that other industries, such as the fashion industry, will not achieve before 2022. One thing seems certain: the rebound will be driven by new values related to environmentally sustainable manufacturing.

A necessary decision: the European Union, too, has determined that the green revolution must drive the development of the economy in the near future, with the objective of achieving climate neutrality by 2050.

The cosmetics industry boasts numerous examples of companies that are particularly environmentally friendly at every step in the supply chain.

Companies that specialise in formulations, packaging suppliers and subcontractors are reviewing ingredients, raw materials, and manufacturing systems with a special focus on their environmental impact: low-emission manufacturing processes, systems to reduce the quantity of packaging materials, new packaging materials.

This clear and transparent undertaking is an act of responsibility toward the consumer and is based on the high level of research and innovation that the industry displays edition after edition at Cosmopack.

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