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Fusion's alternative solutions for virgin plastics

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North America, USA, Beauty, Personal Care, Primary Packaging, Airless Packs, Active, Smart Packaging, Sustainable Packaging, Reusable Packaging, Plastic

FUSION PKG, headquartered in the United States, focuses on the development of and advocation for real solutions that address the real problems. Their mission in sustainability is the reuse of existing materials and the search for alternative solutions for virgin plastics, to further the development of the circular economy in the US market. As one of Fusion’s most sustainable options, their airless packages preserve the quality of the product from the impact of external agents, aligning clean beauty with sustainable materials. In addition, their sustainable, clean beauty ready airless packages deliver high-performance evacuation which limits product waste. With significant investment in various green options, from plastic to glass and paper to bio-resins, Fusion is poised to drive the industry toward more circular solutions for every brand and consumer.

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