Flexible Tubes For Cosmetic Products

  • Induplast Packaging Group

Induplast tubes are highly adaptable to many different types of cosmetic products, not least because of the possibility to choose among different sizes and diameters, with a range of capacities that go from 6 ml to 300 ml.

The tubes can be produced in PE and Green PE, not to mention the chance to use post-consumer PCR that allows us to reduce the use of virgin plastic.

Induplast flexible tubes are also available in COEX, a multi-layered material that ensures the preservation of the most aggressive products, such as solar protections and cosmetic products containing fragrances or peculiar pigmentations.

Induplast can easily satisfy and quickly the requests of all our clients, either large or small, with a lead time of only six weeks and a minimum order quantity of 5,000 pieces.

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