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    Manufacturer & distributor of custom & standard glass, plastic & nalgene bottles. Rigid Container Packaging

    Inmark prides itself on being a strategic partner for our customers, one who innately understands your business, your market and your needs. We help our customers choose and develop packaging that elevates their brands and drives sales.

    Incorporated in 1975, Inmark began offering rigid container solutions nearly 40 years ago. They have expanded over the years to include four specialized divisions:

    • Rigid Container
    • Dangerous Goods
    • Specimen Transport
    • Temperature-Controlled Packaging

     As technology and products evolve rapidly, the experienced team at Inmark continually works to refine and develop its products and technologies to offer its customers the most cutting-edge, efficient and cost-effective packaging solutions available.

    Some notable recent developments include:

    Enterprise Resource Planning System

    Most recently, Inmark announced the implementation of a new enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, designed to seamlessly allow for real-time operational management across the globe. It will also allow customers to interact with Inmark in an entirely new way, providing shipping information, previous orders, and other important information through a portal on the Inmark website.

    New Shrink Sleeve Labeling Line

    Cutting-edge technology meets creative design to elevate bottle branding to another level. The shrink sleeve labeling line allows customers to apply branding to the entire surface of a bottle.

    King Round Bottles

    Specialized, multi-size bottles offer safer, easier-handling solutions to clients in a range of industries.

    Twin Neck Measuring Bottles

    Inmark produced a new twin neck measuring bottle to more safely and accurately dispense product. This squeeze measurement bottle comes in various sizes to meet specific client needs.

    What's Next

    We continue to refine and enhance our products and technology to provide cutting-edge, efficient packaging solutions to our customers across the globe.

    Experience the difference working with a true strategic provider can make for your business.

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