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    I. TA Plastics Tube

    I. TA Plastics Tube

    I. TA Plastics Tube Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of plastic tube packaging for beauty, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, personal care, industrial, and household cleaning business.

    I.TA PLASTICS TUBE CO., LTD. was established in 1986, the leading manufacturer of plastic tube for cosmetics, make-up, pharmaceuticals, personal care and household packaging, industrial packaging. We keep developing new designs and improve our quality to provide professional service to all of our customers.

    I.TA offers plastic tubes with a wide decorative appeal; the tubes can be colored to match customer requirements. Printing can be in up to six colours using offset printing; in addition tubes can be silkscreen printed, hot-stamping and labeling.

    Tube’s diameter is from 16mm to 50mm and the capacity is from 3 ml to 300 ml. Plastic tubes provide an attractive packaging solution for a wide range of consumer products; in addition they are increasingly being used to package products from the pharmaceutical and DIY market.

    Examples of product packaged in plastic tubes: Skin Creams, Ointment, Lip gloss, Mascara, Hand Creams, Shower Gels, BB Creams, Shampoos, Paint Samplers, Glue, Gear oil and Lubricating oil for automobile & model aircraft uses… etc.