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    We design and produce real packaging solutions for some of the most innovative and engaging consumer brands on the planet.

    Jansy began in 2004 with one simple dream: to give our customers the ultimate experience in comprehensive, creative, and effective solutions for design, packaging, and manufacturing. Our strengths have always been in state-of-the-art designs, cutting-edge engineering, and strategic packaging options. Today, we continue to act as industry leaders and continually deliver the best solutions to our customers.

    To date, Jansy has grown to be one of the most recognizable global firms. We have strategic partnerships with people in every region of the world who are all devoted to quality, consistency, and timely results. This commitment to excellence is what separates us from design boutiques that lack the engineering know-how and manufacturing firms that lack creativity. We design it, engineer it, test it, and produce it. We are committed to bringing you the right solution, in the right material, at the right price, every time.

    We truly are an extension of your business and brand.

    At Jansy, we are about creating a customer experience unlike any other. While most firms may focus on one aspect of the supply chain, we focus on delivering comprehensive solutions that covers all your bases. From initial design and primary packaging to sourcing and fulfillment solutions, our work is specifically tailored to be impactful, stimulating, and insightful.



    Your product needs to have a clear use and be relevant to modern consumers. We deliver a range of iconic design solutions that ensure continued success and repeat purchases.


    Every product needs to have an identity – and this starts with the primary layers all the way to secondary packaging. We make sure every aspect of your product stays in line with your brand.


    With key partnerships with global manufacturers, we can help you stay in tune with your timeframe and budget, all while maintaining market-leading quality.


    At Jansy, we are all about speeding up the development process. We handle all logistical elements of the production, storage, and manufacturing of your products.

    WE OVERSEE THE WORKFLOW--So You Don’t Have to.

    From budget controls to quality management, we make sure your product maintains the integrity of your creative direction and brand awareness.