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    • Jiann Gwo Plastic Industry

    Jiann Gwo, one of Asia's contemporary leaders in the development of innovative personal care and cosmetic packaging, has released a brand new decoration technique that takes creating textured packaging out of post production and puts the process back in the moulding phase.

    Currently being used with the company's PET-G blow-molding machines, Jiann Gwo has innovated a new process whereby a mold is designed to hold small extra portions of material at regular intervals around the interior. When the mold is engaged and twisted, the bits of extra plastic form at intervals to create patterning on the interior of the bottle or jar, while the exterior surface stays smooth.

    Due to the fact that Jiann Gwo uses very high quality PET-G, the "petalling" not only serves to create a nice visual effect that's a bit more attractive than straight plastic walls, the added thickness in parts serves to create refraction so that light is gathered and reflected, creating a prismatic effect that further enhances the presentation.

    With this new technique, Jiann Gwo has managed to create a simple and elegant way to give plain bottles a little extra decoration without sacrificing the large surface decoration area or making adding obtrusive elements that detract from the packaging's overall presentation.

    • Sophie Tu
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    • Created 05 May 2016
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