KAJ produces world's first 100% PET and rPET roll-on bottle

  • KAJ Sp. z o.o.

KAJ is proud to present the world's first 100% PET and rPET roll-on bottle!

Sustainability is an important aspect of modern plastic manufacturing and KAJ has been able to meet the demand for greener options by introducing bottles and caps made from sugar cane HDPE and even reducing the material required by light-weighting bottles. 

Above all else, KAJ has capitalized on a material that is light, easily recyclable and beautiful all at the same time- PET and rPET. 

Without a doubt, SB02 bottle is unique. The first in the world PET and rPET roll-on bottle is excellent not only due to its striking look but also to the new possibilities it creates. The transparency that cannot be achieved in other types of plastic gives new space for labeling and presents the content in a completely new way in the world of roll-on’s.

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