KAJ Sp. z o.o.

KAJ Sp. z o.o.

KAJ specializes in the production of high quality plastic packaging for the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.


We believe, that quality is derived from the production process, not from the lab checks.

That’s why we have implemented multi-level control system of the packaging produced, in connection with the certificates held.

It goes from the pending control on the line (by line operator), through everyday checks based on statistic control, to quality control of the products leaving our facilities. It is complemented by a control at the entry of the materials and component used for production.


Trusted by partners around the globe. If you need our credentials – just ask!

We offer a complete comprehensive service for your company – starting from the initial project, through development to decoration and organization of delivery. We will be more than happy to help you in the process of creation and introduction of the design into the production process that we will reserve only for you. 

Can you see your new packaging in your mind? We can develop the complete technical drawings, 3D project and FDM models in addition to the final production moulds.


Since nearly two decades we deliver to our Partners different packaging solutions, for for cosmetic and pharmaceutical use.

We specialize in roll-on packaging (bottle, cap, ball).


Tired of using the same ever-present decoration techniques? We can offer you different forms of direct decoration for your packaging. We can make for you: multicolour screen printing, hot stamping as well as metallization. You don’t have to worry about logistics or service – we will do everything for you thanks to a close partnership with our next-door neighbour — one of the industry's largest in Europe.


Being aware that our actions and decisions affect environment we live in and local community alike, we have been implementing CSR principles for a long time. The relation with local community, openness and aspects of environmental protection were always in our area of focus.

Social responsibility understood in such way is not a sequence of one-time actions, but an integral part of a long-time strategy. Recently we have decided to upgrade and organize our initiatives. We underwent assessment done by well known, multinational CSR platform- EcoVadis.

We would like to inform, that at the very first try we’ve achieved high rating and were placed among 28% of best performing companies within plastic industry, which is confirmed by certificate and silver recognition level medal.

This is an important step for us and confirmation of correctness of the so far undertaken actions.