Roll On Bottle Built for Brands: The B71L

  • KAJ Sp. z o.o.

KAJ Packaging, experts in providing the personal care and cosmetic market with reliable and eco-conscious roll-on bottles, presents a new model, specially designed with brands in mind.

The B71L model features a flat and wide shape at the front of the pack, giving brands a generous space for labeling and branding. In addition to extra space, the new flatter surface means the branding will be more clearly seen and understood from the shelf.

KAJ Packaging has not compromised on its sustainability goals to produce this versatile pack, as it has been completed using widely recyclable PP plastic. The new thinner body can still hold around 50ml of product meaning end-users can still enjoy the long-lasting experience of their go-to brands.

For more information on the B71L contact KAJ Packaging.

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