Roll-on Bottles for Soothing After Bite Relief or Repellent

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What a great pleasure to have a time out in the fresh air together with family or friends, camping or enjoying nature. Unfortunately, these experiences can be tainted by unpleasant insect bites such as mosquitos. To counteract this, it is wise to have a repellant on hand, or in the case you have forgotten, a soothing remedy to treat the bite. 

KAJ Packaging Solutions presents great packaging for both of these instances, either repellent or after-bite treatment. KAJ's roll-ons will give you several options of different capacities and shapes, all proven solutions, small and suitable for holiday luggage.

In addition, the family of pencil roll-ons gives an extra option of a small metal ball, enhancing user experience by providing a cooling effect, even if not kept in the fridge- a very helpful feature to soothe itchy bites.

See the Roll-On packaging solutions in KAJ catalog, or contact KAJ Packaging Solutions for more info.

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