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    Keenpack Industrial Limited

    Keenpack Industrial Limited

    Metal Boxes & Tin Packaging

    Keenpack Industrial Limited was founded with a mission to provide our customers with innovative metal boxes and tin packaging solutions manufactured to European quality standards.

    Today, with over 300 full-time employees located in our factory in Yantian, Dongguan, China, we produce and ship a monthly average of 1.2M tin cans used for tea, coffee and cocoa, biscuits & cookies, chocolates, candies, mints & gums, nuts, snacks & popcorn, cosmetics, health & beauty, liquors, wines & spirits, gifts & stationery, cigarettes & tobacco, DIY, industrial & medical products.

    We have a team of engineers, designers, and trained & qualified personnel manning our 10,000 sqm plant which houses over 300 machines distributed over 10 production lines.

    With our capability of making in-house tooling, metal proofing and printing facility on-site, we can immediately produce prototypes and develop and execute special, urgent and /or complicated design projects.

    Our metal sheets, inks, and varnishes come from sustainable and reliable suppliers (both imported and local) who support our production processes enabling us to deliver customer orders on time in full.

    We are a European managed team,with markets mainly based on exports and our customers are known brands around the world. We own more than 700 ready-made tooling /moulds for your selection and accepts OEM orders. With these toolings, we ensure not only the best possible quality but a guaranteed value for money.

    Being in this business since the year 2000, we’ve been counting on the several competitive advantages of metal packaging. Metal packaging is one of the most sustainable and recyclable materials available in the packaging world. EU municipalities have an electromagnetic sorting system at their waste processing plant, where they are committed to targeting 80% recycling rate by the year 2020.

    Metals look and feel superb, with a radiant sheen and smooth finish that will add a touch of class to any product. In fact, it has been a favourite collectors item. It appeals strongly to consumers who prefer useful and decorative packaging. Its daily presence perceived by your customers will ensure the recognition of your brand.

    Metal as a material has a high degree of versatility. It is highly formable and can be moulded into varying shapes. Metals can be lacquered, colour-coated, embossed or de-bossed, perforated, stamped and have outstanding decorative potential through lithographic printing.

    Here at Keenpack, we offer limitless possibilities to innovate, recreate and manufacture metal boxes and tin packaging that are both eye-catching and of premium quality. To learn more about our facilities and capabilities, contact us today.